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December 04, 2010


Well said, Jen.

The only devil's advocate thought I have involves the idea of love languages (interesting book). Some people give and receive gifts to show and receive love (my mother-in-law is one of those folks). So for them, they have LOTS of memories of gifts given with great intention and assign a lot of sentiment to stuff. They therefore want to do this for other people.

I am NOT a "gift person" and so I resonate with you as more of a "time spent," "acts of service" and "words of affirmation" person. I'm also trying to observe and determine where my kids fall on their giving and receiving of love.

I AM a "gift card for my wishlist on Amazon" person, but the family has yet to catch on to that... =)


I'm very much in sync with your sentiments. Give the gifts of yourself, your time, your generosity of spirit...that's how you will be remember, and it is what you will remember of others. Happy holidays!

I totally agree with you. My best memories from childhood are always centered on the things I did, not the things I received. I try to keep this in mind with my own daughters, especially during the holidays. Thanks for your thoughtful post!

What a beautiful post. So true that the presents will soon be forgotten-or in our case broken-and the memories will be of the people and time we all spent together. Hopefully this is something I can instill in my children.....it's not easy.

I do agree - experiences last longer in our memories than material gifts. A few exceptions from my own childhood are thoughtful handmade gifts that were made for me from family members that I still cherish to this day.

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